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During 2017, Sugarmade announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with privately held Plantation Corp. for its breakthrough preservation technology based on radical integration of specialized gases and natural agents that dramatically extends the useful life of medical marijuana up to six (6) months by actively monitoring the internal containers environment and automatically adjusting its atmosphere as needed; all without the need for refrigeration.


Under the terms of the agreement, Sugarmade gains exclusive distribution to the largest U.S. markets, California, Oregon and Washington markets through 2018, including the very important hydroponic retail distribution network, with automatic renewals based on success milestones. Plantation and Sugarmade expect to begin distribution of the products later this year.


The storage containers will be protected via a strong patent portfolio, which protects the use of a modified atmosphere container for storing cannabis. As such the cannabis container system being developed will be unique, and cannot be copied or replicated by a competitor.


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