About Our Facilities


Our main office is located at 167 N. Sunset Ave., City of Industry, California, which is located just outside of Los Angeles. The Sunset Avenue location is approximately 18,000 ft. of office and warehouse space, at which most of our employees are located. We also have several contract employees, mainly in sales that work from other locations or from their homes.


This is our headquarters location in City of Industry, California. Most of our shipping is done by commercial freight haulers, but we have a few smaller trucks to shuttle products to local customers and between local warehouse locations.



Here are a few additional photos of our City of Industry, California headquarters location.



We also operate two additional warehouse sites, one located in close proximity to the City of Industry and headquarters and a satellite site on the East Coast, which services several of our customers located in that region.




We also have a third-party vendor from which we lease warehouse space in order to mainly store reserve stock for our customers. In order to establish long-term relationships with our customers, we often offer to store additional product for them in case their demand fluctuates during busy periods, such as the normal busy periods for frozen yogurt and ice cream stores, which occurs during summer months.