Ordinary people can do

extraordinary things.


The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year.


Feed your copiers and printers a steady diet of Sugarmade and amazingly, that one staffer conserves 400 pounds of wood, and 985,000 BTUs of energy, reduces greenhouse gasses by an
eye-tearing, throat choking 203 pounds, slashes wastewater
by 913 gallons and solid waste by a whopping 93 pounds.*


Turns out your “average” office workers aren’t so average after all.

*Bagasse processing data based on Sugarmade plant statistics. Virgin pulp data based on the Paper Calculator, Environmental Paper Network website.


If your footprint gets any smaller,
the earth won’t even know you’re here.

Switch to Sugarmade tree-free paper, reduce your demand on the earth’s ecosystem, minimize your environmental footprint and leave the earth much closer to how you found it.



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